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Deliver pre-trained natural language understanding valuable customer insights with conversational AI AI-powered conversational IVR pre-trained natural language understanding

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3 ways to use Voca

Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Built in Azure
Provide an omnichannel customer service experience on your main desk & across other business departments.
Available and Certified for Microsoft Teams.
Includes features from Conversational Auto-Attendant and IVR
    • Skill-based routing
    • Queue overflow for max. call in queue, max. wait time, all agents logged out
    • Longest Available, Round robin, Serial and Broadcast routing methods
    • VIP priority routing
    • Teams-based Agent Desktop application
    • Native integration with Microsoft Teams
    • Built-in call controls
    • CRM screen pop-up
    • Customisable Not-Ready and Wrap-up events
    • Conversational IVR Agent Assist transcripts
    • Controllable Caller ID for outbound calls
    • Missed calls view
    • On the fly Reskilling and requeuing
    • Supervisor Live Monitoring (Listen, Barge-in, and Whisper)
    • Real-time supervisor control over agent statuses
    • Agent groups
    • In-app real-time queue analytics
    • Real-time dashboard with custom thresholds
    • Agent activity, states and abandonments analytics
    • Scheduled reports
    • GDPR & HIPAA compliant
    • Channel-specific agent availability
    • App + Desktop push notifications
    • Last agent routing
    • Conversation history
    • Supervisor flag & monitor
    • Channel & queue opt in/out
    • Microsoft Teams Certified
    • Automatic recording (Full time, Record on demand, Save on demand)
    • All modalities (MS Teams audio, video, desktop sharing, IM)
    • Live monitoring of agents
    • Data localisation encrypted at rest and in transit
    • Speech analytics with word categorisation & sentiment analysis
Conversational Self-Service IVR
With built-in Conversational AI and an API extension, you can automate any service scenario.
Available in any voice platform and certified for Microsoft Teams.
Includes features from Conversational Auto-Attendant
    • Free speech transcription
    • Keyword-based speech inputs
    • Prebuilt Speech Entities (digits, alphanumeric strings, time and date)
    • Dynamic Text-to-speech
    • Integration with any CRM, DB
    • Triggering of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate flows
    • Get/Post REST API request
    • Supports headers and parameters
    • HTTPs support
    • API Request timers
    • Visual flow designer
    • Parametric SMS triggering
    • DTMF menus and digit collection
    • Generate DTMF
    • Route to contacts, departments and call queues
    • Send to voicemail
    • Present call info to Voca agent desktop
    • Conditions
    • Switching
    • Counter
    • Set variable
    • Built-in debugger
Conversational Auto-Attendant
Harness Natural Language Understanding to seamlessly reach any company contact or department.
Available in any voice platform and certified for Microsoft Teams.
Includes features from Conversational Auto-Attendant
    • Supports 14 language options
    • Built-in Speech-to-text, Natural Language Understanding, and Text-to-speech
    • Accommodates unique vocabulary (contact and product names, locations, and departments)
    • Automatic handling of duplicate contacts
    • Confidence thresholds
    • Support for aliases
    • DTMF fallbacks
    • Speech or DTMF inputs in parallel
    • Microsoft Teams Presence-based Routing
    • Multi-platform Attendant Transfer
    • Call hunting across user’s devices
    • In-platform voicemail and missed call notifications
    • Working hours & Holidays
    • Top requested Contacts & Departments
    • IVR & Call Queue Analytics
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Role-based access
    • Automatic sync with Active Directory
    • CSV import/export

Optimise your business phone system with conversational IVR

Infuses with existing ecosystem

Seamlessly hand off or transfer. Negates the need to replace your existing communications solution.

Enhances customer engagement

Ensures streamlined operations & efficiency, enhanced interactions and an enriched user experience.

Intelligent Routing

Automate any service scenario. Guide callers to get quick, consistent, and accurate responses.

Transforming customer engagement

Conversational IVR enables callers to engage with a business through voice in effortless, natural conversations instead of using touch-tone numerical options. Integrate Voca, an AI-powered conversational IVR, with any voice platform, and certified for Microsoft Teams, it further enriches intelligent voice solutions and ensures calls are handled with ultimate proficiency.

  • Integrate with existing phone & customer service systems
  • Anticipate callers needs
  • Appropriately guide callers swiftly to the right department
  • Provide quick, consistent, and accurate responses

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Automation designed with agents & customers in mind Image

Automation designed with agents & customers in mind

IVR has developed from enabling simple menu navigation to driving advanced Conversational IVR solutions tailored to diverse business requirements. Automate routine tasks like providing account balances or product details enabling agents to handle more complex questions and needs. Businesses can streamline backend workflows and customer interactions and provide efficient customer service whilst improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs.

  • Embedded Conversational AI: Handle routine customer questions with pre-trained Natural Language Understanding, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech.
  • Drag-and-drop Flow Designer with API Requests: Create custom call flows for any service scenario quickly and easily.
  • CRM Integration: Automate data collection and personalise caller experiences with customer information.

Routing that fits any scenario

For calls where answers can’t be provided immediately, route customers quickly to the most appropriate human agent based on the customers’ input.

  • Skill-based Routing - Direct customers to agents with the right expertise
  • Define Overflow Thresholds - Automate actions when wait times or queues exceed limits
  • Multi-platform Queuing - Route calls across any voice environment, even during migration
Routing that fits any scenario Image

Conversational IVR

Offer dynamic prompts and automate routing intelligently.

The Benefits

Reduced call duration

Handle multiple requests & answer common questions instantly. Route calls correctly based on callers’ input, improving overall call efficiency and customer experience.

Reduced call volume

Automate routine interactions like providing product details, manage simple queries, and allow agents to focus on more complex issues.

Simplify customer journeys

Provide interactive self-service options giving information and recommendations based on customer data or route callers quickly to the right department.

Improved customer satisfaction

Provide a more natural, human experience allowing customers to interact using voice rather than navigating a touch-tone menu. Reduce frustrations by meeting customer expectations and by providing timely help when they need it.

Lower costs

Reduce the number of calls that need to be handled by live agents while minimising callbacks, repeat calls and escalations. Improve operational efficiency by automating and streamlining backend workflows.

Ensure consistency & compliance

Deliver accurate information and a consistent customer experience. Provide real-time guidance to ensure that agents adhere to company policies and compliance requirements, which would otherwise require costly training & monitoring.

Seamless omnichannel support

Deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience to minimise customer frustration and reduce resolution time.

Valuable Data Collection

Collect accurate data and valuable customer insights to make more informed business decisions to better meet customer needs.

Built in Multi Language Logo
Built-in multi-language

Conversational AI with 14 supported languages including Spanish, German, Dutch and Japanese.

Get knowledge into your desk's performance

Transform business operations and enhance customer experiences with powerful reporting and real-time insights.

  • Gain insightful details - Access reports on top IVR destinations & contacts, queue activity, digital interactions, call volume & transfer rates.
  • Enhance customer experience - Use a real-time dashboard to monitor pending calls, abandonment stats, average wait times, and agent status to quickly maintain service levels.
  • Multi-tenancy support - Manage multiple Voca services across multiple tenants, each with its own secured access for management and reporting. Backed by GDPR and HIPAA compliance.
Get knowledge into your desk's performance Image
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Conversational IVR interacts with callers using natural language conversations over the phone rather than requiring the caller to navigate through multiple touch-tone numerical menu options.

Voca supports 14 languages:
  • English US
  • English UK
  • English AU
  • Hebrew
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Hindi
  • Japanese

Conversational IVR offers businesses a competitive edge by enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. It allows callers to use voice and have human like interactions to get the information they want, thus leaving customers feeling valued and understood.

Voca’s Conversational IVR and Auto-Attendant capabilities can connect to any type of the following:
  • Existing phone system, whether an Analog PBX, IP PBX, or Zoom UC
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams
  • On top of an existing Contact Centre
  • Web RTC click-to-call
  • Even directly to a SIP Trunk
The Microsoft Teams-only capabilities refer to the Voca Agent Desktop, Real-time Dashboard, and Skill-based Routing capabilities.

  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Universities
  • Government
  • SaaS/Tech
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing

Voca can be provided as a Cloud service by Voiceflex, or it can be deployed on the customer’s premises, whether on a Virtual Machine, Data Centre, or in the customer’s Cloud (Azure).

Voiceflex Voca

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