Network Topology

Our Network provides a dependable platform no single point of failure resiliency a dependable platform

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A core network built for voice & data


Maximise your uptime by utilising our fully redundant core.

No Single Point of Failure

Redundancy built into our network keeps customers connected.

Built-in Fraud Protection

By default we turn on fraud detection for all services.

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Voiceflex built and operate a resilient core IP network spread between 3 data centres, facilitating no single point of failure within the network. We added dual audio codes using Amazon Data Centre (AWS) with the development of our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing application. Data centre and connections do have problems from time to time but we have a backup and a backup to the backup.

Core Connectivity

The transformation to IP creates the opportunity for improved customer experience and business efficiency, but the network is the umbilical cord and lifeline of a business. Delivering a dependable service is critical. Not only are we backed up over 3 data centres we run redundant circuits between the sites. In addition, we have dual connectivity with our primary down line carriers - you can’t have enough connectivity.

  • 99.999% platform up-time
  • Multiple Tier 1 connectivity partners
  • Monitoring to minimise potential disruption

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Proven robust network

Connect your customers in confidence

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At the heart of our core network is multiple layers of resiliency. Voiceflex has been developed with flexibility as a principal component. There are no constraints on which data connectivity method you use and there are no constraints on delivery.

You can rely on Voiceflex to deliver uninterrupted customer services to support your customers mission critical activities.

The Benefits

Hot Standby Infrastructure

Redundant Fibre Ring

Triple Datacentre Failover

Multi Carrier Connection

Direct Peering

Own Ofcom Numbers

Our Network

Our network diagram

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