Why have Call Recording

9th August 2023

Why have Call Recording image
9th August 2023

Why have Call Recording

Many businesses need to record the calls they have and call recording holds several important advantages:

Regulatory Compliance: adhere to regulations by securely storing call recordings in a compliant manner.

Quality Assurance and Training: monitor and review customer interactions for quality assurance purposes. Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training to staff.

Dispute Resolution: refer back to the call recording to accurately resolve disputes and ensure a fair resolution.

Customer Insights: analysing call recordings can provide valuable insights allowing businesses to implement changes to better meet customer demands.

Performance Metrics: track key performance metrics, such as call duration and call volume to help businesses optimise operations and customer interactions.

Remote Work and Collaboration: calls can be recorded, accessed, and reviewed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Business Insights: Beyond customer interactions, call recordings can offer insights into market trends, customer preferences, and emerging issues, aiding businesses in making informed strategic decisions.

Scalability and Flexibility: accommodate increased call volumes and data storage needs without the requirement for extensive hardware upgrades.

Whether it’s for compliance, security, enhance customer service, improve staff training or for quality monitoring call recording is an important tool for businesses. Resellers can ensure their customers’ have an application that suits their needs, i.e. enabling them to do what they want to do with the conversations and can access them how they want to.

Record all or some of your calls via mobile and landline.  The calls are saved in Voiceflex Flow and you can access the audio files directly.  When you record calls, they are automatically saved for 2 years, and it's easy to search the recordings for the specific call you're looking for.

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