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Hosted Telephony

Your PBX in the cloud

PBX in the cloud

Your phone system delivered from the cloud rather than your office. Plus, get the sophisticated features and functionality of a traditional telephone system without hefty initial investments and on-going costs.

Accessible Anywhere

Maximise productivity by enabling employees to work from their home, hotel, mobile phones, and abroad as though they were at their desk in the office.

Easy Control

Hosted PBX a flexible and cost-effective communications service without the support and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telephone system.

Hosted UC PBX

Nova Voice is Voiceflex’s hosted UC PBX and business phone service - your phone system delivered from the cloud rather than your office.
  • Nebula
    Hosted PBX
    Features 100+
    Instant Provisioing
    Any Number Anywhere
    24/7 Customer Service
    Fax to email
  • Nova Business Voice
    Standard Call Features
    Hunt Groups
    End User Portal
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  • Nova Business Voice UC & Desktop
    Standard Call Features
    Hunt Groups
    End User Portal
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  • Nova Business Voice UC, Desktop & Mobile
    Standard Call Features
    Hunt Groups
    End User Portal
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Why Hosted?

Hosted PBX is your company’s phone system but with all the advantages of the cloud and is delivered and managed by Voiceflex.

Cloud based hosted telephony is provisioned and accessed via the internet enabling you, via a web based portal, to easily manage and configure the IP-based telephony solution according to your needs. As a result, straightforwardly adapting to demand and connecting users with free internal calls.

With business features such as call forwarding, music on hold or having the phone answered by an automated attendant presents a professional and customer friendly manner, meaning you can offer a voice service that customers expect.

Voiceflex offers a variety of packages that meet your individual work environments and value points. We understand that the phone in the warehouse doesn’t need the same capabilities as an on-the-go worker, and should not cost the same. However, if you need to change in a few months – our hosted service allows you to adjust as your needs change.

Nebula IP is Voiceflex’s hosted telephony application; Nova Voice is our hosted UC PBX and business phone service delivering quality, reliable, phone service but also the next level of Unified Communications experience, enabling users to work and collaborate virtually from anywhere on any device.

Whether you’re looking for a new phone system, migrate away from your existing solution or integrate UC into your existing infrastructure, our packages deliver a suite of communication tools and are designed to meet all your business needs.

Why Hosted from Voiceflex?

  • Greater Flexibility

    Employees can work from anywhere and get advanced features as if they were in the office. With hosted PBX you can integrate multiple offices and multiple extensions supported and performing as a single system while still offering a centralised solution.

  • Increasing Mobility

    Having one number allows you to simplify and enhance the comms experience, whether at the desk or not. Calls are routed wherever you are and to any device making it easy to work and interact efficiently regardless of your location.

  • Unified Communication

    Bring everyone together with Instant Messaging, presence & conferencing to share information and get decisions made. Easily make and receive audio and video calls using your mobile devices.

  • Scalability

    Grow or shrink the number of extensions as required. Expand as you need without the massive Capex investment of a new PBX - it’s possible to have 10 users one month and 100 the next. And, only pay for what you use.

  • Easy to Control

    Immediate and simple set up gets you up and running much quicker than a traditional phone system. A simple, intuitive, user-friendly portal can be easily managed, monitord and quickly tailored with features required at any time.

  • Plug & Play

    Works right out of the box. We pre-configure the handsets for you, meaning your phones will work from the moment you get them, no fiddly configuration needed. As soon as you're ready users just simply need to plug their phone into the network. 

  • Feature-Rich

    Get all the features and functionality expected from a traditional telephone system plus unified communications features; instant messaging presence & conferencing.

  • Business Continuity

    Even in the event of disruption or disaster you don’t have to miss a call. Calls can immediately be re-routed to any other location, backup site or phone ensuring its business as usual.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Offer the highest call experience for all callers. Select where incoming calls, after-hours and overflow calls go and how they’re received. Never miss a call and connect customers to the right person and/or department with ease and speed.

  • Stay Connected

    Increase your availability wherever you are. Receive voicemail on any device so if you do miss that important call, you can collect the voicemail straight away. Easily see who the message's from, easily read and reply immediately all without having to pick up the phone. Send and get instant messages whether you’re on a call or not.

  • Reliability

    With years of experience in VoIP we know reliability is key. Connectivity is paramount to the success of deploying a hosted application no matter if it’s for a single user or large office. Spread across secure, data centres facilitating no single point of failure within the network ensures highest levels of reliability and robust protection.

  • Significant Cost Savings

    Low set up costs and with no on-site equipment needed means there’s no hefty initial investments or ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs. A licence is provided per user and not per device enabling you to use what device you want to, when you want to. Plus, get free calls between employees across the Voiceflex network. If you want to lower your costs further move to SIP.

Simple Hosted PBX With Features You Need