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Introduction: What is Telephone Fraud / Phreaking?

Telephone fraud (also known as phreaking) is the action of hacking into telecommunications systems to obtain free calls. It is a serious business but many are unaware just how vulnerable their systems could be to phone hackers. 99% of PBX's will be connected to the World Wide Web via a router for purposes such as remote maintenance. If ports on the router are open hackers will get in. If the password on the PBX is the default password, hackers will be in within seconds and they then have control of the PBX and the ability to route calls to anywhere in the world via ISDN, PSTN and SIP.

Estimates of what phone hacking, or phreaking, costs the UK economy vary but many observers liken the value of losses to those of credit card fraud - over £100 million a year.

No one is immune and everyone knows that fraud remains a significant problem for the communications industry. Dealing with fraud has never been straightforward and the focus must be on prevention and to ensure the available controls are in place. As a result, we developed our own product Voiceflex ABBA, an Advanced Behaviour Based Analysis (ABBA) application to offer the channel an enhanced approach to protect and keep fraud at a minimum.

We believe that no one should benefit from fraud.

The Benefits / Why Choose ABBA
  • Unparalleled level of fraud protection
  • Rapid detection of fraudulent activity
  • Free service
  • Significant savings in lost revenue
  • Proven and reliable detection


Included in the price of a SIP Trunk are the best methods in operation in the market today. Voiceflex ABBA is a standard feature of the Voiceflex service and is a proven, significant preventative control measure.

ABBA registers IP addresses and if changed, then a flag in the system is raised. If there’s a strange pattern of IP addresses associated with the system, then the account is suspended. ABBA learns what is happening, if it sees numbers repeatedly dialled it will block the calls. Via the online partner portal partners have the opportunity to set self-policing elements to minimise fraud.

Fraud Alerting

The Voiceflex portal enables users to set a daily limit for their company or end-user so that when the set limit for the call spend is exceeded an e-mail notification is automatically generated and sent to the email address(s) listed on the portal.

Fraud Suspension

We also provide an additional level of security to protect our customers. On top of the level set by fraud alerting, should the fraud suspension limit be breached then the account will be suspended.

We haven't eradicated fraud but we have provided piece of mind that should you be the target of fraud your Voiceflex account will warn you and automatically be suspended.


What can resellers do to proactively prevent fraud?