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Converge Voice & Data

Guaranteed uptime

Voiceflex data products have Service Level Agreements which provide assurance around the level of service and amount of uptime you can expect.


The range of data products available allow great flexibility, control your bandwidth directly paying for use rather than spare capacity.

Monitored & Supported

We don't just install and leave. Our value comes with looking after your circuits through monitoring tools and engineers who want to help.

Efficient data, designed & managed to your requirements.

Selecting the best data circuit can be difficult. We listen, then suggest the most efficient circuit for each requirement. Mix & match wires only or fully managed, or whatever suits between the two.
Data Products
EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

From £199 RRP per month

Bandwith (Mbps) <1000
Type Copper
Layer 2
Lead Time (weeks) 4-6
24/7 Customer Service
Managed Option
Standard DSL

From £18.00 RRP per month

Bandwith (Mbps) <24
Type xDSL
Layer 3
Lead Time (weeks) >1
24/7 Customer Service
Managed Option
Premium DSL

From £40.00 RRP per month

Bandwith (Mbps) <24
Type xDSL
Layer 3
Lead Time (weeks) >1
24/7 Customer Service
Managed Option
Line capabilities
1000 Mbps
100 Mbps
50 Mbps
20 Mbps
10 Mbps
  • DSL
  • EFM
  • Fibre
  • MPLS
Data Products

Data products can be broadly categorised into two types - synchronous (Same bandwidth guaranteed in both directions) and asynchronous (higher downstream and lower upstream bandwidths).

Broadband services are asynchronous in nature and whilst they can be delivered over fibre as well as copper, they are multiplexed at the local exchange and have historically offered a lower tier of service management. However, the technology is suitably mature for supporting converged voice and data for smaller organisations and is a natural choice for cost efficient connectivity.

Synchronous services however are built end-to-end between the supplier and client and hence offer a higher tier of service management than can be offered through broadband. Historically referred to as 'Leased Lines', these services can be delivered over multiple pairs of copper or fibre optic cabling.

Leased line offerings can also be used to link together multiple customer sites, either as a point to point connection or through more advanced configurations that join multiple customer sites together via private cloud deployments utilising VPLS/MPLS technology. Voiceflex can additionally participate in these private VPLS/MPLS deployments as a 'voice services node' within the client network.

About Voiceflex Data Products

Historically, 'Data' has been used in the telecoms industry to describe Information only services. In general, all non-real-time services such as email, file transfer and web access have come under the 'Data' umbrella.

As one of the foremost providers of SIP services in the UK, Voiceflex data service offerings provide a unique advantage over competitor services. Data circuits procured through us provide the best routing for voice traffic directly into our core network, whilst at the same time providing Internet access through world class transit providers. Hence 'Voice' traffic, which must operate in real-time, is processed with strict quality metrics ensuring low, non-variable latencies in the underlying transport mechanism.

Fibre or Copper

All circuits are delivered using either fibre or copper lines. Copper delivery is fast and easy to implement as it uses pre-installed/existing copper wires that are readily available as spares on client premises. However, copper circuits are susceptible to electrical noise and interference and hence only lower data speeds are possible on copper services.

Fibre is gaining greater prevalence as a means of service delivery in the UK. FTTC, where the connection between the Exchange and street side 'green cabinets', is converted to fibre with only the last piece of wire from the green cabinet to the client premises being copper is already in widespread use. FTTP - where the last piece of copper is being replaced by fibre such that Fibre exists all the way between the exchange and client premises is also becoming more widely deployed.


Whether you are interested in information only, voice only or converged voice and data services, you can be assured that purchasing the circuit through Voiceflex ensures two objectives:

  1. Traffic flow over the delivered circuit will route to the Voiceflex core network via the best possible pathway. In most cases bypassing public Internet nodes entirely.
  2. Traffic to the Internet will be delivered through reliable high speed carrier networks.

Converged services can also be delivered to your premises using one circuit but two Ethernet ports - One for Data and one for Voice, with varying bandwidth reservations to help you keep your services separated locally.

Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS is the mechanism used to classify and prioritise different types of traffic on the wire. QoS can be client managed through local router configuration or supplier managed to whatever is required by the client. In general two classifications of traffic type will suffice - One for Voice and one for Data. However, QoS classification and processing can be much more granular and traffic can be classified and prioritised to many more levels.

VPLS & MPLS Technology

Virtual private LAN service (VPLS) is a subset of MPLS that allows multiple client branch sites to be connected together. Being a subset, it operates at the Data Link Layer (Layer 2) and require some customisation and management by the client to make full use of its capabilities. A VPLS product is ideal for smaller organisations with low geographic site dispersion.

Full blown MPLS on the other hand operates between the Data Link layer and Network layer (often referred to as Layer 2.5). MPLS is delivered as a fully managed service that can be highly customised to client specification by the provider. Advanced QoS and traffic engineering with fast rerouting in the event of intermediate node failures are key attractions of MPLS. MPLS is ideal for customers requiring full network management by the provider or for larger enterprises with wider geographic dispersion of sites.


All data services require to be protected from malicious traffic on the public Internet. All Voiceflex Managed services provide site security through a firewall that runs either on the router provided or at an Internet breakout point within the client's private network cloud. Clients may use their own firewall if they desire by ordering a wires only services from Voiceflex.


We constantly monitor our data connections, looking for issues with the core network or voice traffic. Finding issues before customers do is important, we don't always managed that but like to try.


How does VoIP fit into all this? Our IP network infrastructure processes over 80% real-time data. We have to move the data as efficiently as possible to maintain call quality. This allows you to leverage our knowledge to build both your voice and data infrastructure using EFM (Ethernet First Mile), VPLS and traditional private Ethernet services - both domestically and internationally, providing competitive pricing.

Helping the Channel Through Data