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Voiceflex Products & Services

  • SIP Trunk

    ISDN switch-off, SIP the voice delivery method of choice. Lower capital expenditure and lower cost alternative to ISDN. Benefit from increasing availability of data connectivity, increased speed, flexibility and a host of applications.

    Multiple channels PBX 24x7
  • Ethernet

    Guaranteed service levels and uncontended connectivity. Cost effective access to dedicated, scalable, high bandwidth services with fast repair times for all voice and data traffic.

    Data Connectivity 24x7
  • Hosted

    Access from anywhere. Regardless of location you will be able to make a call from your hosted PBX and pay the same as if you were in the office.

    Hosted PBX IP Centrex 24x7
  • UK & International Number Ranges

    We have a wide range of UK, European and US telephone numbers that you can choose from – just take your pick.

    Additional SIP, PBX, Hosted 24x7
  • Number Porting

    Keep your number when you switch. We can port your geo and non-geo numbers on to our platform and deliver to any IP address in the world.

    Additional SIP, PBX, Hosted 9-5
  • DSL

    Providing fast speed and reliability or Connect with fast and reliable speeds of up to 24Mb download and 2.4Mb upload. A perfect broadband solution for small, medium sized businesses.

    Data Connectivity 24x7
  • Fraud Detection

    We check to see if you’re secure. An award winning standard feature of the Voiceflex service and is a proven, significant preventative control measure.

    Core SIP, PBX, Hosted 24x7
  • Billing

    Automatic integration with billing platform enabling the management billing reporting all from a single platform saves time & delivers views of revenue, profitability and cash flow.

    Core All 24x7
  • Failover

    With automatic and immediate re-routing of numbers makes SIP an attractive offering as part of a business’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan. SIP trunking offers exceptional resilience.

    Additional SIP, Data 24x7
  • API

    The continual use of APIs makes it possible to enhance our customer’s experience.

    Additional Portal 24x7
  • Handsets

    We offer a range of handsets which can be purchased or rented.

    Hosted IP Centrex 9-5
  • Fibre

    Delivering speed and reliability that has traditionally only been available with leased lines and private networks at a fraction of the cost.

    Data Connectivity 24x7